Relax in our spacious rooms.

Bathing is allowed until 11 PM.

No bath towels are available.

You can use hair dryers in the wash rooms.

 Maximum occupancy 52 people
   2 rooms with 8 tatami mats and TV  • 1 room with 16 tatami mats and TV

   2 rooms with 10 tatami mats and TV  • 3 rooms with 6 tatami mats and TV

   3 baths

   1 bathroom

   2 wash rooms on the 1st floor 

   Drying room (winter only)

   2 washing machines (summer only)

   Free parking

 Kannabe Driving Range (closed in winter due to heavy snow)

​ We have three (3) clay tennis courts.

 The nearest convenience store is just a 10-minute walk away.

 Bring your own bath towel or yukata. Hand towels and tooth brushes can be provided upon request.

 Kannabe becomes very cold in winter so please remember to dress warmly.   

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Kannabe Driving Range

​℡ 0796-45-0935

住所  兵庫県豊岡市日高町名色102

address  102 Nashiki Hidaka cho Toyooka, Hyogo 669-5379 Japan

℡  0796-45-0569

fax  0796-45-1140

mail  nashikisou102@yahoo.co.jp


Credit cards are accepted